City & Cambridge Consultancy arrives

It is a real pleasure to have launched the company to provide advisory services to a wide variety of clients. Whether you are medium sized or small, or a business, charity, or private person with a relevant issue, you are welcome to these pages.  You are particularly welcome to this particular page.  The others tell you about the company and what it does for its clients.  I hope you read those carefully.  But this page has the information which is yours free and gratis.  I hope you benefit from that as well.  If you come back here regularly you will benefit the most.  That’s because the content will refresh quite frequently.  Some of the content will be comment.  Some will be news.  Much will be a wry view of the world of tax (VAT in particular, naturally).  But much of it will be solid reliable information, given either shortly after it breaks or after I have had the chance to consider it.

Why not make a regular diary entry (perhaps fortnightly – excluding Christmas holidays!) to visit this site.

With best wishes